Grief – An Original Poem

Important Note added on May 19th: This post was on for a short period of time yesterday (May 18th). I had to take it off because there was a hoax going around that Ravi Zacharias was dead but he actually was not. I planned to edit this post and my other post: Why Grieving is Important and Honoring Ravi Zacharias. Unfortunately, Zacharias died today. I was glad he lived a couple more days but a bit disturbed that I grieved over him while he was alive. In spite of the my lack of true information yesterday, I pray this poem can still encourage, strengthen, and fill you with hope.

Hello everyone,

This original poem is to encourage you to grieve for your loved ones when they leave this earth. Grieving is so important and not pitiful or weak but a witness to love you have for the person. The “Ravi” person is Ravi Zacharias who died yesterday. He was a speaker, apologist, author, and founder of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

I have another post out today on him and the importance of grieving. Check it out here!

There will be a PDF version to download and print and an image you can share on social media below. The PDF document will have the space for Ravi blank so you can add someone else’s name.

We are all in the midst of a season of death right now. Please share it with someone who needs it.

Grief by Kenedy Manuel

We know people

We become familiar with them

We understand them

We become comfortable with their presence

But holes appear

People are missing from their usual spots 

Life moves on

Do we stop to grieve and cry

Be angry and disturbed 

We patch the hole, hide it away

But the hole lives on and so do we

People aren’t just wisps of air

They have purpose and souls

So did Ravi

Grief is a part of loss

Grief is a part of humanity

Words, sunshine, and hugs 

They do not fill the holes

Humans are more than words or hugs

They are complex images of God

So was Ravi

Worth being grieved for

Worth being honored

Worth being remembered 

Worth being celebrated

~ Kenedy M.

6 thoughts on “Grief – An Original Poem

  1. Kenedy, I truly LOVED your tribute to Ravi, and your understanding, with your spiritual eyes, on grief! I enjoyed reading your original poem!! May your eternal perspective on life continue to grow you up in Christ. Enjoying your Blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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