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Star Wars Snacks

Hello everyone, 

Happy Monday! I planned a very different and much longer post today, but due to some information problems, I needed to change my post topic very quickly today. I hope this one is still very enjoyable. 

You tell me a better way to cheer up someone’s Monday than fabulous food especially fandom related food…and especially Star Wars related food! These recipes were part of my Star Wars Day (May 4th) celebration. But it does not matter if it is May the fourth or not. You can always celebrate Star Wars! 

This is officially my first food post and not the last! Now hold on to your tauntauns or banthas for these recipes for lovers of a galaxy far, far away. 


  1. Fruit TIE Fighters – Recipe 

These little guys are so adorable despite being Empire ships. 🙂 TIE fighters are one of most iconic Star Wars vehicles, and I could not resist trying these out. They take just 3 ingredients: apples, bananas, and peanut butter. I made three various sizes for fun. 

X-wings are next!

  1.  Blue/Bantha Milk – Recipe

This featured food was introduced in Episode 4 at Luke Skywalker’s home with Owen and Beru Lars on Tatooine. 

My favorite color is blue + my favorite drink is milk + it is a Star Wars food = Kenedy Manuel must try it.

I made the only first recipe in the link above. Let me know if you make any of the others. 

I suggest cutting out some of the sugar. It was a tad too sweet for me. 

I’d love to know some of your Star Wars recipes and traditions! Let me know in the comments below!

May the Force be with you all

~ Kenedy M.

2 thoughts on “Star Wars Snacks

  1. Not Star Wars related, but our new favorite movie-time snack some friends hipped us to is green Chile popcorn!!! Pop some popcorn, add some butter (let it cool, though), sprinkle on the green Chile powder and enjoy!!!! Mmmmm… Nek likes to add Parmesan cheese but I didn’t care for that much.

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