Lost Dashes – Original Poem for Memorial Day

Hello everyone, 

Happy Memorial Day to you all! 

I hope you are able to grill some scrumptious hamburgers and hotdogs and make memories with your families today. This will probably be a Memorial Day we will not forget. If your cookouts and parties cannot be as large as they were in the past, it does not stop the purpose of Memorial Day. It is to honor those who we have lost who served this country. Let us never forget to show our gratitude for their sacrifice. 

In light of this and the graveyards you might visit today, I wrote a poem. Even if you have not lost someone in the Armed Forces, you can still read this thinking of someone you have lost. 

Hold tight to those you love now and honor those we have lost today. 

Lost Dashes

Walking through a graveyard

Reminds me of the diversity of life

Yet the connection we all have

We all meet the same fate

But we use the dashes between our birth and death

Uniquely, differently, personally

Some were in war, Some with domestic pleasures

Some with joy, some with loneliness

Walking through a graveyard

Makes me wonder

Were these souls like mine

They once were full of breath and life

Now just thoughts fading in a cemetery

Maybe with just a stone to show their existence

Their dash perhaps was filled

With joy, friends, valor, success, and sacrifice

But now just a small line contains

That person’s mark on the world

Walking through a graveyard

Calls me to cherish those lost souls

None of them were better than I 

All a part of humanity

Remembering the dead

Is not holding on to the past

But honoring lost souls

Remembering part of humanity

Making those dashes come to life

Once again for their memory

Walking through a graveyard

Fills me with hope

Hoping some of these dashes are not 

All that is left of their personage

Truly hoping they believed

In a Savior who makes their dashes

Never end.

~ Kenedy M. 

9 thoughts on “Lost Dashes – Original Poem for Memorial Day

  1. Absolutely beautiful poem! And yes, hoping all we have lost truly believed in the Savior…Jesus Christ!😇 Happy Memorial Day. Thank you for this great reminder.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great poem, garden and blog you’ve created! Thank you for shining your love light and sharing your heart so creatively, honestly and beautifully. You are your mother’s daughter for sure💕

    Liked by 1 person

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