Hands – An Original Poem

Hello everyone, 

In light of so many people recognizing something has to happen to stop the unchecked sin called racism, I thought I’d share this fitting poem. 

I wrote it around 4 or 5 years ago, but it is truth that needs to be heard now. Please please share this post!!!


I have hands

You have hands

Why they do not touch, I don’t understand

Is it because my hands are black as night

Do my palms bring sweat and strife

Is it only with people of my color my hands are allowed

To touch, to hold, to together clap aloud

If my hands were as fair as yours,

Would there be a problem anymore

Mams, sirs melanin is the only thing unalike

Mine is dark, yours is light

You are not just turning away the hands of others

But you are turning away the hands of your brothers

Adam’s kin, Eve is all our mother

I have hands

We have hands 

In touching, holding hands would it lead us to understand

Hands are a gift we receive 

No matter what their color may be

Hands are for holding you and me

~ Kenedy M.

Featured image courtesy of Google images.

8 thoughts on “Hands – An Original Poem

  1. Kenedy< I love this poem. It has so much meaning and is very inspirational. Thank God for you and your heart of gold! I'm proud to be your friend. Love you!! Mrs. Debbie

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  2. Beautiful!! And so true! And you can be sure Aunt Susie can’t wait for this crazy virus to subside so we can get back to holding hands – and hugs!! 😊

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  3. I truly love this poem Kenedy. Very appropriate and timely for the climate of our nation. The sin of racism can be overcome by a relationship with Jesus! Thank you for being a bridge of reconcilation Kenedy! Your unconditional love for all people is so evident in how you live your life. Your hands and heart tells me so!!😀 Love you.

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  4. Hi Kenedy! While I have not commented before, I want you to know that I regularly read your posts and find them enlightening, informative, uplifting and engaging. YOU are so gifted with words and expression of your thoughts and feelings. I appreciate your poem on Hands particularly, because I believe just the touch of a hand can calm, bring joy, make one giggle, show love, and is a wonderful extension of God’s hands to let folks know He lives (in us). Continue to use this gift of to bless us all. Love you Kenedy!

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    1. Wow! Thank you so much! I am so so elated you are enjoying my blog.

      It is so true that hands held together are more than just a way to touch but a picture of unity, God’s family, and His Spirit within us!

      Thank you for your kind words and love!


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