Summer – An Original Poem

Hello everyone, 

I have realized that I actually am more confident about putting my poetry on here. I sometimes get nervous about sharing my poetry with people, and I thought I would just post about poetry occasionally. I proved my past self wrong. I am here again on another Monday ready to share an original poem. 

Poetry is truly one of the best forms of art and a pure form of personal expression. I do not normally force myself to write poetry. I write poetry because I feel and think and sometimes those feelings and thoughts are expressed when I have a pen handy. It is really as simple as that. 

There is not a layout in front of you. There is not a guide book to follow. Poetry is all about what you want to convey. It does not push you to make something. Structure has its purpose but so does freedom and exploration. 

Poetry has not just been a form of writing for me. It has helped me think and capture emotions. It has helped me understand and grow. It has inspired me to create and explore with wonder. 

It has revealed parts of who I am in the form of words. 

This summer I have learned not to really complain about the heat. I have learned to accept it for what it is. For 3 to 4 months I am going to sometimes be uncomfortable outside. Do I like the sun? Yes. Do I like it when the sun is scorching? No.

In my lesson of contentment this summer, I still had moments of utter despair about the suffocation of a horribly hot summer day. I remember writing this poem outside during this summer and having mixed feelings about it. 

Since we have entered the last month of summer this year, I thought I’d fittingly share it. 

I wish I would think of better titles (or give them titles when I write them). 🙂


Smothering heat

Bodies burning

Concrete blazes your feet

Dirt dry as your throat

A living sauna

A living, hot bubble bath

Never ending, eternal, everlasting

Wait…we have four seasons

This too shall pass

This too shall pass

But summer always takes its time

To go away

For leaves to turn

~ Kenedy M. 

One thought on “Summer – An Original Poem

  1. Yes! This too shall pass Kenedy. Enjoy summer while it’s here! Lol Also I love your statement, ” Structure has a purpose and so does freedom and exploration.” Freedom and exploration are true gifts from God! How privileged we are. I enjoy your poetry Kenedy, as the song says, “Express yourself.” ❣️

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