Three Simple Yet Delectable Additions To Your Morning Pancakes

Hello everyone,

I took a break last week from posting, but rest assured I am here and back with more to write. 

One of the first recipes I ever followed. One of the first foods I ever made confidently by myself was pancakes. 

The way to turn a bad morning around is to make pancakes. I am not sure why cooked batter in the shape of a thin (sometimes) circle is so good. But the point is they are so good. 

Pancakes are amazing but also super fickle. I can follow the same recipe and I can have light and fluffy pancakes and sometimes I can find the same concoction gives me super thin hotcakes. Instead of focusing on how to make the batter better, a friend and I added three additions to our pancakes after the batter was made. No matter how your batter turns out these three foods are sure to put a smile on your face. 

Are you ready??

Here they are…




That’s it. 

We tried banana and granola first. It was scrumptious. This was actually a favorite pancake of mine at a breakfast restaurant, and I decided to recreate it at home. 

Besides their non circle shapes they were perfect! 🙂 

Then it got even better!

My friend suggested trying peaches! 

So then we made peach pancakes which were crazily amazing! 

Then it got even better 

We added all three ingredients for a pancake out of this world!! They are my favorite breakfast food now! 

Then we added pecans, Nutella, and more peaches and bananas as toppings for a wonderful parade in our mouths! 

Thanks for experimenting with me (you know who you are)! 

Try our concoctions and be amazed! 

~ Kenedy M.

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