A List of Soups and the Season of Fall

Hello everyone, As you could see from my last post, I am a lover of fall and winter time. I am always ready to feel breezy winds that make me shiver. There is something nice about not being smothered by heat and having crisp air or cool temperatures surrounding you.  BUT I am not saying… Continue reading A List of Soups and the Season of Fall

Lovely Lyrics

Songs for Fall

Hello everyone, This is the last day of summer and I am rejoicing! Summer has some nice things to offer, but fall and winter is where it is at!!  What better way to feel all the fall feels than with songs about the season!  I am hoping I have a cold fall with some snow… Continue reading Songs for Fall


Opinions: Their Importance and Destructive Nature

Hello everyone,  I am Kenedy.  And today I will own up to one of my greatest fears here.  Ready?  It is having major conflict with people.  Now do not get me wrong. I like to have conversation and respectful debates. I enjoy hearing people’s thoughts and ideas. But I wish I could handle divisive conflict… Continue reading Opinions: Their Importance and Destructive Nature


Expectations – An Original Poem

Hello everyone,  Happy Monday and Labor Day! It feels good to be back to a regular schedule. It also feels good to be done moving! Who knew moving could be so stressful? One other thing that makes me feel good is cooler weather! I am definitely feeling a significant difference in temperature.  I have been… Continue reading Expectations – An Original Poem