Original Poem – Hobbes on the Subject of Calvin

Hello everyone, 

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Happy Monday and here I am again with more poetry. What can I say? I write a lot of poems. I have been trying recently to write poems from the perspective of some of my favorite characters. I am working on one for Jo March from Little Women and another on Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. Maybe you will see those here in the future! 🙂

I have always loved comics. I even read all the Peanuts comics from 1950-1959. Peanuts are probably still my favorite but Calvin and Hobbes is such a great one. I think I like it because, like Peanuts, it has a lot of intellectual humor said from the mouths of kids. Calvin is only 6 and knows some things 6 year olds have no need to know. Of course, he mostly tries to be smart to get out of something though. So he is still like a toddler in a lot of ways. He goes through his little life with his best friend Hobbes, who is a stuffed animal tiger and a real tiger in Calvin’s mind. 

If you have not checked out Calvin and Hobbes, I hope this poem inspires you to do so!

Hobbes on the Subject of Calvin

Calvin is a buddy of mine

But he thinks the word circles around his atmosphere

Calvin is a buddy of mine

But he forgets he’s only 6

Calvin changes his world with his imagination

But Calvin doesn’t know that life can get better day by day

If he only recognized life is not 

About himself and the things he creates

Calvin is a buddy of mine

But he’s smarter than the average kindergartner

And he lets everyone know it too

Calvin tries to escape responsibility incessantly

For him it is always, “adventure awaits” 

He might be the best complainer on earth

But he makes life so worth while

And he’s what keeps me alive

Not my best but it was a lot of fun to write! 🙂

The strip below is a favorite of mine! 

~ Kenedy M. 

Images courtesy of Google images

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