Original Poems – Totally Tubular Tercets

Hello everyone,

Yes, the only reason the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are my cover picture is because the word tubular is in the title! I was a big TMNT fan as a kid. The 80s-90s show is superior to all the other films and tv shows, and Donatello is the best of the group. You can fight me on that, but you know I am right! 🙂

This is like the 3rd post in a row with poetry. What can I say? I love poetry! 

This week I will be sharing 2 different forms of poetry. I mostly do a lot of free verse but not today. 

I always love haikus, and I truly do not write them enough. They can be so simple and silly or unique and witty. Hey, I unconsciously rhymed there! 🙂 

So today, I have an original haiku for you. And just to make sure we are clear, a haiku is a 3 lined poem following a 5-7-5 syllable pattern. The first line has 5 syllables. The second line has 7, and the third line 5. 

I also tried a poetic form I had never used before It is called a tercet. A haiku is actually a tercet. A tercet is a 3 lined poem, but not all tercet have to follow a specific syllable pattern. It does have to have 3 lines though. 🙂 Sometimes tercets are used within a larger poem, and sometimes they are stand alone poems. An enclosed tercet follows the rhyming pattern ABA. This means the first and third lines rhyme, and the second line is just chilling in its contrasting nature! 🙂 

So here we go!


Crisp pages bending

By the wind moving swiftly

Through me, tree, and book


lord of the rings hobbits GIF


I couldn’t resist this hobbit gif!

So that was a haiku! Aren’t they fun?

Now here is my enclosed tercet

Close Your Textbooks

Pencils dropped to end torture endured

To ensure status.

Learning plummets like Ticonderogas on desks injured.

And there is my first enclosed tercet! 

Also Ticonderogas is a famous pencil model if you were confused! 

I have always been passionate about learning, and it really saddens me that so many students are only taught so they can perform well on a test. Quickly their knowledge decreases (“learning plummets”) as the test ends because it was not about learning that information but about the grade and success. 

I remember taking the ACT and thinking: This is how our value is measured?

The proctor tells us stop writing and to lay down our pencils, but what really happens is our concept of learning is injured, the information we stored in our brains loses its value, and we leave having felt some of our worth was tied to this test of torture (“Pencils dropped to end tortured endured to ensure status”).

Learning is not about success or scores. It is about fully understanding, application, and seeing the value in knowledge and experience. It is how we become humble and teachable. It is how we empathize and sympathize. It is how we grow.

Thanks to all you lovely readers! Have a swell day and do not hesitate to write poetry to work through feelings, opinions, and situations. It can do loads of good for your soul!

~ Kenedy M. 

Source used with definitions and more information on tercets

Cover photo courtesy of Google images

One thought on “Original Poems – Totally Tubular Tercets

  1. Kenedy, I absolutely loved this post today! Your love for poetry truly shines through with your different forms of poetry…didn’t know about ‘tercets!’…See I’m still learning and hopefully humble and teachable, I sincerely celebrate your understanding of God’s classroom….always be HIS student…willing to be instructed. corrected, and encouraged to grow to be all He has gifted you to be!! “God has begun a great work in you and He will see it to completion when Jesus returns.” Philippians 1:6

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