Original Poem ~ A Baby Who Came

Hello everyone, 

Here we are on another Monday!

It is only 11 days until Christmas and I cannot believe it!

I have some original poetry for the season today! I hope you guys enjoy it!

The Baby Who Came

You could have come with royal robes

Instead you chose swaddling clothes

You could’ve come with riches and a crown

Grand announcements and jewels abound

Instead a stable with hay

Animals and only a trough to lay

The baby who would change the world, the baby who came

With no fancy entry to bring the joyous news

But a glorious host of angels as shepherds who knew

This wasn’t an ordinary king

This one has children who sing, “My life is an offering”

Oh so humble as a babe

I pray I’m humble today

Singing, “Take my life and let it be

Consecrated Lord to thee”

The baby who came 

Every knee will succumb at His name

To bend, to kneel in reverence

To the baby who came from Heaven

The gloriest home to a stable

The holiest of holies is able

Able to show he loves us dearly

To be born merely

In a place for the lowest of lows to stay

The baby who came to show the world the only Way

~ Kenedy M. 

5 thoughts on “Original Poem ~ A Baby Who Came

  1. Oh Kenedy I simply love this poem! One of your best yet!! This poem truly captures the “love purpose” from God, to us, in the sacrifical life of his son, Jesus! I’m so thankful to God that you get the GOSPEL truth and message. To God be the glory for the good things He is doing in your life. Merry Christmas my sweet sister in the Lord.

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