More Christmas Poetry!

Hello everyone,

I was planning to do a Christmas books post but then I thought that you guys may not have time to consider my suggestions since Christmas is 4 days away.



I wrote another poem a week ago! 

SO I thought that would be more fitting to share than books you’ll need to read in 4 days! 

Here we go

Oh, and it doesn’t really have a title!

Anxious people

Slather on complacency and wide smiles

To silently suffer

A time of push and pull

We want snow

It glistens and makes a blanket

It makes my car a bore at 5 a.m.

My tires become stubborn mules

The gifts have to be wrapped 

Chances are they’ll hate it

But I love to see the happy 

Face of him not expecting that perfect gift

Of course that perfect gift took 3 weekends to find

But his smile is worth it…right?

We see the family who is just as distant as a stranger

Awkward situations passed around 

Like the good food at the tables

Your conversations topics disappear

Like the cornbread and the ham

20 years into a century

The stress of the season doesn’t shift until

You become glad to see snow because

The yard is 30ft away from your office

Gift shopping makes you yearn for connection

Everyone is distant now

Past frustration is now empathy 

Merry Christmas everybody

Because you finally recognized

Snow, gifts, and family

Are not the holiday

God forbid even the church

Should be on the list 

Of what equals Christmas

Even a conglomerate 

Is ≠

The love we give makes the season merry

The baby born makes the holiday Christmas

Yes, simply that


May your home and holiday be filled with the reminder of hope everlasting from our Savior!

~ Kenedy M.

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