Walls Broken and Built ~ An Original Poem

Hello everyone,

I’ve been thinking a lot about vulnerability as a human being. We all are full of sin. We all hunger for more and more. We all wish for things. But we tend to feel the more we hide and the more mysterious we become the better we are.

In all my nerdiness, this reminds me of Batman. He is such an iconic and wonderful superhero. He is a symbol of dedication and strength. But he also is mysterious and mystifying. When we see Batman live as Bruce Wayne, we find a man haunted by the murder of his parents, rich in posessions but poor in connection, and keeping up a facade so Gotham doesn’t see who he is. In all his likability, the character is just as broken and just as distant as we can be. 

What is the point of relationships if we never want anyone to see the innermost parts of us? What is the point of love if all we ever share is our schedule and events?

I wrote this poem below sometime in 2020 and I came across here in January 2021. I had completely forgotten about it. As I am trying to lay down by defenses and take steps toward vulnerability, this poem surfaced again when I needed it. 

I mostly would not share a poem like this with you all, but I want you all to see that it is okay to open up, cry, and be who you are with people you love. 

I am a sinner saved by grace and overwhelming love who knows Jesus wants us to come to him wholeheartedly.

Walls Broken and Built

Jesus be a fence all around me 

That old hymn feels like a battle cry

A longing for protection

A hunger for security

I have cried 

Those words in my own way

Some form of

Wakandan walls

Supernatural guards

A promise we can trust

I lean on this hope

For dear life

Turning thoughts in my mind

As I desperately try

To release my anxiety

To oblivion

It is no good because my brain

Remembers everything

Not that I want to

But you know

Things that matter

Have sticky consistency

When your soul cries until it is hoarse

Yes, your soul can be hoarse

When you are being chipped away

Jesus be a fence all around me

Is the only words left

No answers, no decisions

Just the gut wrenching cry for help

For white picket walls 

To save the day

Song referenced in poem: Listen here

~ Kenedy M.

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