Another Monday, Another Poem

Hello everyone, 

Thanks for bearing with my horrible writing schedule in the last several weeks. 🙂

I am here to share some poetry again. I am gearing up for posts on my results of St. Patrick’s Day cooking and my gardening plans for the spring. Stay tuned!

Original poetry has probably been my favorite thing to post on A Happy Landing. This little blog has given me a platform for my small group of readers! Thanks for reading! I am sorry if I don’t say that enough. 🙂

This one is based on a personal experience.

Here ya go! 


Ruptured trunks

Blue wood-aster

Cold rivers

Shells in between gritty sand

Or is it gravel

Acorn tops

Brown and orange leaves

Cover all of the ground

Mazes of roots

Running but not on your own

The decline and wind move you

In inexplicable feeling

Of ecstasy

Until you reach low ground

Cold air leaves you tingling 

A smile spreads across your face

And people say magic

I say a Creator

~ Kenedy M. 

2 thoughts on “Another Monday, Another Poem

  1. Simply beautiful! I say Creator as well! With confidence! Thank you for this untitled original poem of yours Kenedy. Hey, suggested title…’I Say Creator’.

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  2. How lovely Kenedy! All things are more fun and wonderful seen through the eyes of our inner child. All of creation shows God’s love if we open ourselves to it. Love it! Have a great week Kenedy!

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