St Patrick’s Day – Irish Apple Cake

Hello everyone,

Note: I am dreadfully sorry for my 2 week hiatus! That hopefully won’t happen again!!

Happy Monday! During lockdown in 2020, I decided to do something more for St. Patrick’s Day. Celebrating Irish culture is great but I also decided to highlight the man behind the clovers and green clothes. 

He was a man on a mission to share the Gospel. He went back to Ireland to spread Christianity even though he was in captivity there earlier in his life. But instead of feeling bitter about the place he had been a slave, he believed God called him to preach to Ireland. He accepted that call and left a legacy still celebrated. 

Click here for more info on him!

Last year I made green chocolate chip cookies and blueberry scones to celebrate him.

This year I tried a Irish Apple Cake that turned out better than I ever dreamed. I truly had to share with y’all! 

This recipe is not my own! Here is the link to the recipe! 

Here are pictures though! 

I’ll probably repost this again next year around the beginning of March! 

But don’t hesitate to try this out during the next 11 months either! 🙂

Note: I forgot to take a picture of a single slice so you could see the layers of the cake. 😦 

And just for fun, here are some daffodils I saw at a park the other day! 🙂 

~ Kenedy M.

2 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Day – Irish Apple Cake

  1. YUMMY YUMMY was the Irish Apple Cake! You must make it again. Also never apologize for not posting…life is happening for you. Thank you for sharing the daffodils as well. Pretty! Happy Spring.

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