Spring Photos and a Poem

Hello everyone,

I love Winter, but Spring is just so enjoyable with all the plants and flowers!!

Note: I took all of these photos except for the cover photo.

Today is my birthday so I’m only writing a wee post today. I hope you guys are seeing tons of flowers. 🙂

I have this poem by the wonderful Emily Dickinson!

Within my Garden, rides a Bird

Upon a single Wheel –

Whose spokes a dizzy Music make

As ‘twere a traveling Mill –

He never stops, but slackens

Above the Ripest Rose  –

Partakes without alighting

And praises as he goes,

Till every spice is tasted –

And then his Fairy Gig

Reels in remoter atmospheres –

And I rejoin my Dog,

And He and I, perplex us

If positive, ‘twere we –

Or bore the Garden in the Brain

This Curiosity –

But He, the best Logician,

Refers my clumsy eye –

To just vibrating Blossoms!

An Exquisite Reply!

~ Kenedy Mauel

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