Ah! More Original Poetry!

Hello everyone,

I have a short post for you all. I feel like I haven’t shared original poetry in a while!

Well, the hiatus is over !

I hope you enjoy this tiny one! 🙂

This one is a lot about wishes and hopes that stay in your brain but never actually come into fruition. 


A frozen moment

I relish in that possibility

But the moment lacks cold properties

Now it replays incessantly

Through my brain

Every movement analyzed

Every word second guessed

My mind cannot shut off its guilt spree

The regret piles up

What good is brooding

Over action in the past

My possibilities are long gone

Father Time always seems to win

~ Kenedy M.

2 thoughts on “Ah! More Original Poetry!

  1. About five years ago, a college student shared something that challenged and is shaping me. Those universal thought processes us females are so prone to cycle through; the processing of her day, critiquing her words, and judging herself so heavily became a game changer once he invited Jesus into those conversations. Jesus wants to be invited into our heads! 😉 I think it takes a lifetime to master, but totally changes how we talk about ourselves and opportunities when Jesus is right there, filtering it with us. Honestly, I’m not even usually aware I’m thinking those regret-inducing thoughts til the feelings start hovering over me.

    Father, you have searched my heart. You intimately know how immature I am. You are aware of how many sins are like plaque on my heart. You know all my blind spots. You could recount even more foolish moments than I ever could.
    But I will not refuse to rest in your grace and accept your pardon. Give me the grace and release of knowing that I am completely absolutely freely forgiven.
    Zephaniah 3:17 Are you my God, are with me in these moments, and you are mighty to save me from shame and regret. You take great delight in me, you quiet me with your love, you rejoice over me with singing.

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  2. (Not that I’m trying to “fix” a problem in your poetry- that’s not what poetry is for, right? It just jogged my brain that way.
    I loved what you wrote in that it was totally relatable and shares our burdens. 😊

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