More Christmas Poetry!

Hello everyone, I was planning to do a Christmas books post but then I thought that you guys may not have time to consider my suggestions since Christmas is 4 days away. Then I  Remembered I wrote another poem a week ago!  SO I thought that would be more fitting to share than books you’ll… Continue reading More Christmas Poetry!


Original Poem ~ A Baby Who Came

Hello everyone,  Here we are on another Monday! It is only 11 days until Christmas and I cannot believe it! I have some original poetry for the season today! I hope you guys enjoy it! The Baby Who Came You could have come with royal robes Instead you chose swaddling clothes You could’ve come with… Continue reading Original Poem ~ A Baby Who Came

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Christmas Songs You DON’T Know And Love

Hello everyone,  We have reached the most wonderful time of the year! It is Christmas time, and I am soaking it all in.  I have to do Christmas posts or I’d scream. SO here I am on the last day of November full of Christmas cheer.  Now by the time December 25th rolls around, we… Continue reading Christmas Songs You DON’T Know And Love