My Christmas Favorites

Hello everyone,  I hope December is treating you well! Don't you just love how the Peanuts characters sing! šŸ™‚ I am sorry about not having my book of the month post out this past Friday. šŸ˜¦ A Happy Landing will be taking a break from all other posts that do not relate to Christmas! So… Continue reading My Christmas Favorites


A Greeting and a Poem

Hello everyone, I have been busy and having bad sleeping habits this past week! šŸ™‚  So I am behind on my writing. I only have a poem to share this Monday.  It is not mine, (sorry) but it is way better than what I write! This one is by Robert Louis Stevenson, who is a… Continue reading A Greeting and a Poem


Original Poem – Hobbes on the Subject of Calvin

Hello everyone,  Check out my new Facebook page! Happy Monday and here I am again with more poetry. What can I say? I write a lot of poems. I have been trying recently to write poems from the perspective of some of my favorite characters. I am working on one for Jo March from Little… Continue reading Original Poem – Hobbes on the Subject of Calvin