I’m Back – St. Patrick’s Day

Hello everyone, I am popping on here during the busyness of college life to tell you happy St. Patrick's Day! I wanted to show off my Irish soda bread and just remind you guys to look up the life of this man! I got into St. Patrick's Day back in 2020 and I am grateful… Continue reading I’m Back – St. Patrick’s Day


Happy 1st Blogversary!

Hello everyone, I would be so sad if I didn’t get on here and post on A Happy Landing’s birthday! Exactly a year ago, this blog journey started. Wow, I cannot believe I still have people reading my ramblings! I am honored to connect with the world this way and grateful for anyone and everyone… Continue reading Happy 1st Blogversary!


St Patrick’s Day – Irish Apple Cake

Hello everyone, Note: I am dreadfully sorry for my 2 week hiatus! That hopefully won't happen again!! Happy Monday! During lockdown in 2020, I decided to do something more for St. Patrick’s Day. Celebrating Irish culture is great but I also decided to highlight the man behind the clovers and green clothes.  He was a… Continue reading St Patrick’s Day – Irish Apple Cake


MLK Day ~ Kings’ and Queens’ Shoulders: An Original Poem

Hello everyone,  “Hate destroys the hater as well as the hated.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr. As post offices and schools shut down this Monday, let us all reflect on the wonderful work accomplished by MLK and other fighting heroes. As a black woman, I am overwhelmingly grateful for those whose shoulders I stand on.… Continue reading MLK Day ~ Kings’ and Queens’ Shoulders: An Original Poem


Lost Dashes – Original Poem for Memorial Day

Hello everyone,  Happy Memorial Day to you all!  I hope you are able to grill some scrumptious hamburgers and hotdogs and make memories with your families today. This will probably be a Memorial Day we will not forget. If your cookouts and parties cannot be as large as they were in the past, it does… Continue reading Lost Dashes – Original Poem for Memorial Day