Kenedy Manuel

Kenedy here, your source of words on this blog, fellow human, and enthusiast for many things but especially good words, characters, stories, and meaning. You landed on another site on the humongous digital world we call the internet. This blog, A Happy Landing, is hopefully a wonderful place to land.

I am a simple girl with a racing mind from the Midwest, who fails at life miserably but is grateful for the grace Jesus gives me every day. I enjoy reading copious amounts of books, writing meaningful words, ranting over fandoms with friends, having philosophical conversations, watching musicals, trying new food, over-analyzing films, and finding spectacular songs all while drinking a hot cup of tea. If you haven’t noticed, I am also indecisive about how I spend my time.

The best thing about me though is Jesus being in my heart. I am constantly amazed at His radical love.

I have always loved great stories and well-crafted words. Words are not just a form of communication but also the catalyst for adventures, prose, songs, and a plethora of other topics, creations, and ideas. This idea is the core of this blog. Even before the idea of starting a blog entered my mind, the magic power of sharing my words has always been inside of me. We all are born to wield our powers. One of mine is my words.

There are so many other places for you to spend your free time, but places that make you smile and think (at the same time hopefully) can be harder to find these days. A Happy Landing is not just about me sharing (or ranting) my words but others finding meaning and joy (and a bit of humor) in them. This is a landing you can count on as a source of good thoughts and smiles.

May all your take-offs end with happy landings.