Welcome and Happy Star Wars Day!

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Welcome to all who dare to land on my part of the internet. I am here to invite you to my blog: A Happy Landing. I love to write and share my thoughts and a blog is a great platform to accomplish those two loves. I have my blog topics narrowed down to four: words, stories, fandoms, and food. Be prepared for a wild ride from poems to thoughts on history to rants on book characters. You are getting to see a small part of my ever moving mind. There will be a post about me coming up in the days to come. 

Please feel free to suggest content as well. If you go to the bottom of my home page you will find the button to my contact page. 

It just so happens…my launch date…is on one of my favorite holidays: *drum roll* 


DISCLAIMER: Kenedy Manuel has been known to get carried away with fascination with a galaxy far, far away.

I would be a half-witted, scruffy-looking, nerf-herder without giving one of my favorite fandoms a shout-out (if you got the reference, props to you) on its holiday! 


I am starting (another) Star Wars marathon today and making the cutest little TIE fighters out of bananas, peanut butter, and apples! 

Though the new trilogy can make me a bit upset and cringe, I love the universe and hands down The Empire Strikes Back is one of the best films. And who doesn’t love a lightsaber battle. 


So to all my Star Wars brothers and sisters: buy some merch, have a conversation about Jar Jar Binks, wear your favorite Baby Yoda shirt (yeah, I’m never calling him The Child), and…

May the fourth be with you!

~ Kenedy M.

18 thoughts on “Welcome and Happy Star Wars Day!

  1. I had no idea it was a holiday. Just last night I was enjoying Han Solo’s break from the universe to search for the Ark as Professor Indy. Another great Lucas series. Enjoy celebrating! Looking fwd to more from your blog.

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  2. What a beautiful blog. Love the content and photography. Hope to see stories and pictures from your kitchen and garden soon. Very nice work!


  3. What a JOY to be the mother of a Blogger who likes Star Wars, food, books and writing!! What more could a mother want!! Lol!😀 I celebrate this beautiful venture with you my precious Kenedy. So excited for what God is doing in your life!! Happy 4ForceWith You!! Now let’s go watch Stars Wars today!💕

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  4. I absolutely love this!!! I cannot wait to learn more about Kenedy through this blog. How fun and exciting! I am an instant fan!


  5. I’m am so proud of you, to watch you grow up to become a lovely young lady and a child of God. Let’s see what this chapter takes you 😍. I’m not a ⭐️ War fan, but (may the force be with you) 😊😊, count me in as a fan.
    I probably will need help with this blog 🤷🏽‍♀️ Much love 💕
    Auntie 💋

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    1. Thank you so much Aunt Bernice! Thank you for being such a great woman of God for me to look up to! If you go down to the bottom my homepage you can subscribe to get emails by entering your email there. I also will have a Facebook page up soon! Love you!


  6. Love, love, love it! Can’t wait for all your topics to appear- especially character rants.
    Way to go: may the fourth and force be with you!

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