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Songs for Fall

Hello everyone,

This is the last day of summer and I am rejoicing! Summer has some nice things to offer, but fall and winter is where it is at!! 

What better way to feel all the fall feels than with songs about the season! 

I am hoping I have a cold fall with some snow by Halloween (is that too much to ask?). 

Sorry that this list is pretty much jazz and folk but that’s a big chunk of what I listen to! 

Autumn Leaves 

This one is jazz standard and a favorite of mine. I first heard it by Nat King Cole and loved it. It transports me to gray skies as the backdrop to yellow, red and orange trees. And Cole’s voice, singing smoothly like poured molasses, just makes this melancholy and beautiful song even better!! 

Favorite lyric: Since you went away the days grow long / And soon I’ll hear old winter’s song

Here’s the Nat King Cole version and also his French version that is pretty snazzy.

I also got for you Leslie Odom Jr., the star from Hamilton,  singing his own version as well. 

Matthew by John Denver

Okay, this is not really not an autumn song but for some reason it makes me think of fall. It probably is because the chorus says, “gold is just a windy Kansas wheat field” and that reminds me of harvest time. 

I am a big fan of John Denver and could not resist putting this one on the list!

Favorite lyric: Gold is just a windy Kansas wheatfield / And blue was just a Kansas summer sky

Live version

Studio version

Fall by John Denver

Yes, another John Denver song! 

So I simply had to add this one because the whole song is about the season, but he writes of how sad it is that summer is gone. I do recognize that most of my readers probably feel the same so here is a song for you all who are strangely obsessed with summertime. 

Also this little song is a part of his album Rocky Mountain High which has a “Season Suite” section with 5 songs for the seasons! 

Favorite lyric: Reflections in the water like shadows in my mind / Speak to me of passing days and nights and passing time / The falling leaves are whispering winters on its way

September by Earth, Wind, and Fire 

Ummm this list would not be complete without this song. 

I have heard this song like too many times to count and I still consider it a bop. 

Favorite lyric: I do not really have one. I mean dancing in September and bwadady dady dady da is the gist of the song really 

Homeward Bound by Marta Keen Thompson

Sorry, not the wonderful Simon and Garfunkel song

This song is very pretty and reminds me of the story of The Hobbit. I imagine Bilbo leaving all his comforts, work, and hole for an unexpected adventure.

My favorite lyric below classifies it as a fall song in my opinion! 🙂 

Favorite lyric: When the summer’s ceased its gleaming / When the corn is past its prime, / When adventure’s lost its meaning / I’ll be homeward bound in time

Below is the cover I know by Youtuber, Peter Hollens. 

I Have Made Mistakes by Oh Hellos 

Guys, you should really check this group out. Their lyrics are so thoughtful and eloquent. They are true storytellers and their albums always have a story or concept woven through.

This one technically is not a fall song but it talks about what we learn from mistakes is the rain for our souls that will make us whole and grow. And there is a lot of rain and gray skies in autumn! 🙂

Favorite lyric(s): The sun, it does not cause us to grow / It is the rain that will strengthen / the rain that will strengthen your soul / it will make you whole 

 And I had to share this one too: We will overcome the apathy that has made us / Cause we are not alone / We are not alone in the dark with our demons

September in the Rain

Here is another pretty jazz standard! Nothing super special about it but just a lot of fun! 🙂

I like the Dinah Washington and Frank Sinatra covers! 

Favorite lyric: The sun went out just like a dying ember / That September in the rain

Ocean Sunset Motorcycle by Zach Winters

This guy is a really great artist and is one of those tiny, obscure folk musicians I really like. 

I love the lyrics and vocals especially for this song! 

Favorite lyric: And summer leaves a note for the autumn / Gently closing a door somewhere in the sky

Autumn in New York 

Yup! Another jazz standard! I think you see I am a jazz fan! 

I love good ol’ Frank’s version! And also Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong’s. Oh! And  Harry Connick Jr.’s cover! I will link all 3 of course! 

Favorite lyric: This autumn in New York / Transforms the slums into Mayfair / Autumn in New York / You’ll need no castles in Spain

We’re Going To Be Friends by The White Stripes

AAAAAAHHHH this song is so darling and sweet! 

And this song talks of school starting so it definitely classifies as a song for this season!!!!! 

I got the Jack Johnson cover linked below as well!

Favorite lyric: There’s dirt on our uniforms / From chasing all the ants and worms / We clean up and now it’s time to learn

September Song 

I grew up listening to a lot of Sarah Vaughan. She had such a unique voice that I can always pick out!

Yes, another jazz standard! 🙂

Favorite lyric: And the autumn weather / Turns the leaves to flame 

Jacaranda Tree by Josh Garrels

Josh Garrels is a lovely artist, who always seems to make beautiful, thought-provoking, and purposeful music! 

He’s another artist you NEED to know about! Please and thank you! 🙂 

This song is sweet and talks about waiting for rain, and we all know we get some rain this time of year! 

Favorite lyric: Live life fully / Peeking through fingers / slung in our hammocks / Cocooned / Skimming the water / Trapezed above time / We glide like slingshot angels

Danny Boy 

This song mentions summer is gone so it seems to be sung in fall and Kenedy calls it an autumn song! 

John McDermott version below

This is a well-known Irish folk song that’s been sung for over a century! I love finding super old songs that have been on the lips of humans for a super long time! This is definitely one!

Favorite lyric: And I shall hear, though soft you tread above me, / And all my grave will warmer, sweeter be

Studio version

Live version

Autumn Serenade by John Coltrane and John Hartman

Uuuhhhh if you have never listened to John Coltrane, please please please take some time and check him out! 

I love Coltrane’s sax solo in this song! 

Favorite lyric: As I pause to recall the leaves seem to fall like tears

The September of My Years by Frank Sinatra

Haha! You thought I had no more Frank up my sleeve! Think again!

It is a song sung like an older man looking back at how fast his life passed him by. I am not old. but I know what it feels like to see a year pass by so quickly. I still cannot believe 2020 has only 3 more full months! 

Favorite lyric: Next day you turn around and it’s fall / And all the winters and the springs of a lifetime / Whatever happened to them all?

And now that we are talking about the end of life and the end of a year, it is also the end of my post! But not the last! 

Enjoy the songs! Let me know what you think and if you have some autumn songs you love! Post in the comments below! 

~ Kenedy M.

2 thoughts on “Songs for Fall

  1. Hello Miss Winter!😁 Kenedy I loved “Autumn Leaves” by Nate King Cole better than Leslie Odom’s version…But he did a masterful job with his!! Also, I know you loved John Denver’s line in “Fall”… ‘The falling leaves are whispering that winter is on its way!” I will miss summer even though you will not! Lol
    Great song selection for bringing in the fall season! I always enjoy your variety of artist. 😍 I know your Granmoo loves the fact you included Dinah Washington and Sarah Vaughn!! I do too.💓 Great post. Love you, Mom

    Liked by 1 person

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