MLK Day ~ Kings’ and Queens’ Shoulders: An Original Poem

Hello everyone, 

“Hate destroys the hater as well as the hated.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

As post offices and schools shut down this Monday, let us all reflect on the wonderful work accomplished by MLK and other fighting heroes. As a black woman, I am overwhelmingly grateful for those whose shoulders I stand on. People like Martin Luther King Jr. did not just change the quality of life for a race but defied stereotypes, fought with truth, and overcame with determination. 

This poem below honors him and those who stood beside him.

Kings’ and Queens’ Shoulders

How do we honor men fallen but yet

Heroes forevermore

Forever with places on the 

Calendar and in books

The special circumstances

The special lives

Taken away

But not before they made

The earth a moving ground

A place hosting their 


Never forgotten 

Death doesn’t remove memory

Who knew a message so simple 

Yet made in all elegance

Was the making of a movement

Yes, there are graves, statues, and sepulchers

But a teen and a working woman saying, “No” arose a nation

Some befuddled but a race ready to rise

A preacher in a country where 

Churches are more common 

Than fast food and bus stops

Told the world the hated had 

To love

College kids made bar stools 

Statements of transformation

Yet even these men and women

Stand on shoulder

Harriet Tubman before Claudette Colvin

We honor the “dreamer” on this

Cold January dad

Yet he could not be the Nobel Prize winner

A common man who met presidents

If his truth wasn’t believed

So do not tell me that you and


Cannot honor those 

As I stand on their foundation

For King

Was not the first

Nor the last

And most importantly

He did not stand alone

Stand on King’s shoulders? 

Willingly I do

Proudly I thank the Maker

In heaven for that man’s message

His message, their message

Now my wings

Not only let us stand

But soar 

But fly

~ Kenedy M.

All images courtesy of Google images.

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